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Family Law Services

Attorney Tim Walker practices in several complex areas of family law. He is also a Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law, having taught Family Law since 1968. Whether you're beginning or ending a union, he can assist you with all of the legalities. He helps clients in the following areas:

Happy Young Couple

Marital Agreements

Throughout his career, Attorney Walker has worked with couples to draft both pre and postnuptial agreements. He is happy to assist you as well. These contracts will detail what you and your spouse must do once your marriage ends by divorce or death.

Without legal guidance, you may not fully understand the implications of the concessions that you expect your future spouse to make. Plus, you may not have a balanced view of what (if anything) should be offered in return for expected concessions. Tim is available to advise you in negotiating, drafting, and interpreting a marital agreement to protect your interests.

Dissolution of Marriage

Ending your marriage can involve many legal conflicts. However, when you retain our law firm, we will do everything it takes to help you reach a positive resolution. We truly advocate for our clients. Divorce is a process of disentangling from a relationship. Many financial and emotional issues need to be resolved including property division and child custody arrangements (parental decision making, visitation, and parenting time). Colorado requires most divorcing couples to try some form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) before bringing their divorce matter to the courtroom. Professor Walker is there to advise you.

In our experience, ADR is often the best way to come to an agreement because the parties can retain their dignity, be creative in their resolution, and send a message to their children that both parents made the decision together. However, sometimes alternative dispute resolution is unsuccessful, and we will be there to represent your interests in court.

Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Starting a new lifestyle and pattern of living is inevitable after ending your marriage. After a divorce, it is common for one spouse to have challenges supporting themselves. Get the financial assistance you need to begin a new life by working with our attorney.

Colorado's alimony laws are designed to provide the receiving spouse with the same lifestyle that they enjoyed during the marriage, while also allowing him or her to become employable and self-supporting through appropriate training.

Mother and Children

Child Support & Alimony

After separating from your spouse, you may need assistance with a child support agreement that is arranged in the best interests for everyone involved. By hiring our attorney, he will help you accomplish this and more.

In Colorado, child support is largely based on state-determined financial guidelines. However, an experienced family law attorney can help you present appropriate income figures to the court. Finances are usually a leading cause of stress and hardship in these matters. Our attorney will help you reach financial arrangements that meet your unique needs. He will identify all sources of income to reach an appropriate child support figure. This can be especially helpful if your child's other parent has hidden assets.

Colorado's guidelines for child support also use an income model to determine how much each parent should contribute to the support of their children. We have two roles in these cases:

  • Run Appropriate Income Figures Through the State Calculations
  • Give You a Realistic Idea of What to Expects

In addition, he will investigate whether your child's special needs and special abilities warrant an increase in the calculated support. If the other party fails to meet the obligations outlined in the child support order, we will help you collect the payments you are entitled to receive. Call or email our law firm to have Attorney Walker help with your child support case.